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In cooperation with the EU-funded provider EIT InnoEnergy, we offer you access to attractive packages for professionals from the EIT InnoEnergy's online trainings portfolio, which were developed together with top European experts and leading institutions. These exclusive monthly online training packages with learning content from EIT InnoEnergy Professional Learning are divided into thematic blocks with various courses that can be completed. A certificate from the EIT (European Institute of Technology, a body of the EU) is included

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Energy Storage Business & Energy Storage Technologies

Achieving a 32% share of renewable energy sources in Europe by 2030 is an exciting but challenging goal. A critical piece of the puzzle is battery storage which has the potential to offer sustainable solutions across power, transport and industrial sectors. But what are the key technologies driving battery storage? What are the applications? What are the challenges? And how can you harness the potential for your home, or place of work? This package has been designed to give you deep insights into battery storage technologies and into the potential and the limitations of today’s technology. The package helps you develop an overview of the main battery storage technology groups, their respective most promising technologies as well as enhance your current expertise through several real-world business examples. Besides the main storage technologies and their technical characteristics, you will get knowledge from the production supply chain and manufacturing processes, to the broad-scale benefits and application of this evolving technology across multiple sectors. You will be provided with information from the `electrochemical cell’ and the cell design process to different types of power converters required in a battery application.

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Course Duration Experts
Battery Storage Opportunities and Uses 9 hours EIT InnoEnergy Experts
Energy Storage: The battery revolution 12 hours Sonnen, Uppsala University, Epiroc, Audi, ferroamp
Power converters and efficiency in battery applications 8 hours KU Leuven, Energy Ville, EIT InnoEnergy Experts
Electrodes to cells 6 hours U Hasselt, EIT InnoEnergy Experts
Materials to Electrodes 6 hours Energy Ville, EIT InnoEnergy Experts
E-Mobility, an old solution with new arguments 6 hours EIT InnoEnergy Experts
Energy System Transformation 12 hours U Chalmers, energy web foundation, forseeti, sweco, EIT InnoEnergy Experts

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