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New Business Models: Off Grid, Systems Integration + X

Global energy is at a tipping point. Making the shift to more sustainable models, technologies and solutions and staying ahead of the innovation game, it is imperative to see the bigger picture and understand how energy systems interact – and how your energy expertise fits within the wider framework of the global energy transition. During this package, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the market-based models for off-grid electricity, the financial dimensions of such initiatives, the policy and regulatory frameworks of the sector, and the dynamics of supply and demand in energy planning. Besides you will explore the off-grid renewable energy sector and its importance for universal energy access and gain an understanding of the challenges and conditions. In an introduction to energy systems integration you will get to know the tools to see how different systems and consumers interact, situate your own organisation in the broader framework of the global energy transition and use this knowledge to add value. Furthermore, this package gives you insights into the fundamental behavioural changes that are key to successful energy systems integration and identify the core consumer behaviours that must evolve to embrace innovation in sustainable energy for households.

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Course Duration Experts
Off Grid Renewable Energy Systems: To foster viable projects 24 hours EIT InnoEnergy Experts, EOI, Rooter
Off Grid Renewable Energy Systems: To advance the enabling conditions 24 hours EIT InnoEnergy Experts, EOI, Rooter
Energy Systems Integration: an introduction 8 hours GE, NREL, ESIG, EIT InnoEnergy Experts
Energy Systems Integration: Understanding the new customer 10 hours U Groningen, ENEXIS Groep, ESIG, EIT InnoEnergy Experts
Energy Systems Integration: policy and regulation 10 hours KU Leuven, ESIG
Energy Systems Integration: the future of transport 10 hours ABB, KU Leuven, ESIG
Energy Systems Integration: evolution in electric grids 10 hours EPRI, NREL; ESIG, EIT InnoEnergy
Electricity Markets 6 hours EIT InnoEnergy Experts

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